Whether you have a party of 2 or 20, let us know how we can prepare for your event! From the appetizers to the desserts, we will do our very best to accommodate your requests!

Call us at 847-397-8208 to book your reservation.

Special Order Dishes:

Unique and delicious entrees to add to your event. Please let us know 1 day in advance so we can prepare any of the following dishes for you. 


Taro Seafood Nest

Medley of shrimp, scallops, and cuttlefish tossed with mixed vegetables with a white gravy. Served in a nest of fried, shredded taro.


Steamed Whole Flounder

Simple and delicious. Steamed for tenderness and to preserve flavor. Complemented with green onions and cilantro and served with our house soy sauce mix. This dish sells itself. The eyeball is the best part.



Pekin Duck

Perfectly roasted duck carved and served on a bed of shredded green onions. Steamed Chinese wraps and dash of hoisin sauce complete this intricate dish. 


HK Style Milk Tea

A blend of red and black tea made perfect with a dash of cream. Sweetened to your liking. Limited quantities without reservation. Caffeinated. 



Add tapioca pearls for "classic bubble tea"


Mango Pudding

Our mango pudding is made in house with real mango chunks and pulp. Sweetened with real sugar and made creamy with whole milk. Served with whip cream. You might want to bring one home.