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Hong Kong Cafe!

Authentic Hong Kong style Chinese food since 1997

Our Menu

main entrees, lunch specials, bubble tea and desserts!


Some of our most popular dishes:

Spicy Salted Shrimp

Deliciously spiced and fried shrimp seasoned with pepper flakes and green onions. Served with steamed rice. Your choice of shelled or un-shelled shrimp. 

Spicy Salted Tofu

The tofu version of our "Spicy Salted Shrimp." Spiced and fried tofu with pepper flakes and green onions. Served with steamed rice. This tasty entree is crispy yet soft within bringing a satisfying contrast in texture.


Our potstickers are an in-house favorite. Pan fried to perfection and served with our homemade sauce, this one is hard to beat! We snack on these like there's no tomorrow. 

Seafood Chow Mein

A beautiful medley of scallops, shrimp, and cuttlefish tossed with mixed vegetables and served on a bed of crispy chow mein noodles. We never go a day without getting multiple requests for this seafood delight! A VERY popular dish here at Hong Kong Cafe.